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Re: Thoughts on the state of the boot-floppies

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Erik Andersen wrote:

> * We include both cfdisk (50k) and fdisk (85k).  Why not pick just one,
>     or use sfdisk (included in busybox -- costs 34k).

Unless cfdisk has changed...
Fdisk can partition the HD at the finest resolution the hardware allows,
cfdisk can not.   This can be critical for someone installing Debian
onto a minimal system.  e.g., I was installing slink on a box so small
that partitioning with cfdisk failed because there wasn't enough room on
the HD to fit the distribution (couldn't find a balance between swap,
minix and linux that worked), partitioning with fdisk was fine because
it allowed me to fiddle with the size of the partitions until everything

- Bruce

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