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Re: Michael vs. Harmut localization chooser

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 05:14:40PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Hartmut, on IRC, seems to like your system.  I've asked him to look it
> over in depth to try to spot any fatal flaws.

> I hope it is structured in such a way that the i18n system can be
> disabled such that we can have people working on other issues w/o
> being bitten by bugs in that subsystem.
At the moment, it's completely independent. :)

> Other than that, I'm all for it, and Hartmut seems to be too.  (He was
> talking about moving it to the dbootstrap dir or subdir, which makes
> sense to me.)   I'm waiting for his official green light and advice on
> file layout.
> After that, we'll need to make sure we add the dependancies into
> debian/control too.
Well, there is a small issue.  In pl.py program I make use of iconv module.
For compiling the latter, one must install python-dev package.  Maybe it would
be a good idea to create a separate package (like python-iconv) with this very
module, and make bf dependant on it?  Or add python-dev as dependancy to
boot-floppies is OK?


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