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Re: dbootstrap: system and err msgs

> [This is a resend -- the other one didn't seem to make it...]
> Where is the code in dbootstrap to redirect errors to tty3 ?
> It seems to me we should define our own "system" wrapper function,
> which redirects stderr, and maybe even logs to tty3, i.e., "running
> cmd 'foo'" or whatever.  Of course, it should deal with serialconsole
> as well...
> Is this a good idea?  Any volunteers? I'm not much of a C hacker...

Maybe this should be done explicitly on a command basis rather than have
a system wrapper which redirect all outputs to stderr, otherwise we can't
redirect the error output of the various commands included in the busybox
executable. Why don't just start dbootstrap with:

    exec dbootstrap 2>/dev/tty3

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