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Re: Language support

From: Peter Novodvorsky <petya@logic.ru>
Subject: Re: Language support
> > The real problem is how we can display Japanese on console. Currently
> > console-tools doesn't support Japanese. And kon2 described above
> > doesn't work for all archs. Another promising method is to use the
> > package "jfbterm", a framebuffer-based multilingual terminal (but
> > needs extra disk space (not so much though) and framebuffer-enabled
> > kernel-image of course).
> May be we could make a japanese rescue disk?

IMHO, it may be the unwilling selection under the current circumstance. 

If we want to stop this 'fork', we maybe realize either:
the combination of console-tools and frame-buffer-ed kernel displays
wide characters, or the use of multilingual frame-buffer terminal
(it isn't appeared now) in Debian bootdisk.

GOTO Masanori
Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science,
Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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