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Re: Debian installer for Linuxcare rescue CD

Seth David Schoen wrote:
> Do I understand correctly that, if the user chooses appropriate options
> for the installation media, the installer searches for resc1440.bin,
> drv1440.bin, and base2_1.tgz in the mounted filesystem, and uses these
> where (and as) it finds them?

Yes. There's an option something like "install from local hard disk" that
does that.

> I'm still considering the "extract resc1440.bin somewhere, copy drv1440.bin
> and base2_1.tgz to appropriate places, chroot in, and exec resc1440.bin's
> copy of init before our init has actually done anything much to the system"
> idea.

Wow, that's slick. I think it just might work, too. One problem you will run
into is that to get to the init on resc1440.bin, you have to mount the
root.bin file in it. Root.bin is a compressed ramdisk. The kernel doesn't
seem to support mounting compressed ramdisks except for as the initrd, so
you might have to uncompress it first. (Or ship with resc1440.bin exploded
and that file uncompressed.) Maybe I'm missing something..

> Actually, I'm a bit confused about where the kernel image .deb comes from
> during installation; it's not on the drivers disk, so is it somewhere
> inside base2_1.tgz?  I am sure that further reading of dinstall sources
> will clear this up, but I could use some pointers.

The kernel image is taken right off of resc1440.bin. It is not installed as
a debian package on initial install.

see shy jo

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