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request that base gets testing by test groups

As you may know, at this point, boot-floppies itself is not yet
alpha-ready.  However, I do think we can proceeding on significant
testing of the base system itself, apart from the boot-floppies.

'base', as you may know, is the set of packages or even partial
packages built by the boot-floppies.  You can install it even just by
untarring it and chrooting to it.

The problem is that bugs in base can significantly affect the progress
of boot-floppies.  I, for instance, spend probably 30% of my
boot-floppies time dealing with problems with base.

My request is that the QA or Testing teams take a hard look at base,
looking for things that are broken, and filing bugs against the
offending packages as quickly as possible.  RC bugs in particular need
to be filed now so the pkg maintainers can fix stuff.

A current base is at:

The first issue testers should look at is whether perl-base really can
exist without perl.  I think there are problems here, but no bugs have
been filed!  Obviously, this is a RC bug situation.

How does this strike you all?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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