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Re: request that base gets testing by test groups

> As you may know, at this point, boot-floppies itself is not yet
> alpha-ready.  However, I do think we can proceeding on significant
> testing of the base system itself, apart from the boot-floppies.
> 'base', as you may know, is the set of packages or even partial
> packages built by the boot-floppies.  You can install it even just by
> untarring it and chrooting to it.

I tried to be more helpful but it turns out that the above instructions
are not enough for me.
How to do it properly ? 

[01:49:48 bf]$ mkdir tst
[01:52:45 tst]$ su
[01:52:54 tst]# cd ..
[01:52:59 bf]# chroot tst disks-1.44/rescue.bin 
chroot: cannot execute disks-1.44/rescue.bin: No such file or directory
[01:53:15 bf]# chroot tst disks-1.44/root.bin   
chroot: cannot execute disks-1.44/root.bin: No such file or directory
[01:53:26 bf]# file disks-1.44/root.bin 
disks-1.44/root.bin: GNUzip compressed
[01:53:35 bf]# chroot tst disks-1.44/base-1.bin 
chroot: cannot execute disks-1.44/base-1.bin: No such file or directory
[01:53:48 bf]# ls
bf-disks-1.44.tar.gz  bf-doc.tar.gz  disks-1.44  doc  tst
[01:53:58 bf]# chroot /
[01:54:04 /]# exit

> The problem is that bugs in base can significantly affect the progress
> of boot-floppies.  I, for instance, spend probably 30% of my
> boot-floppies time dealing with problems with base.
> My request is that the QA or Testing teams take a hard look at base,
> looking for things that are broken, and filing bugs against the
> offending packages as quickly as possible.  RC bugs in particular need
> to be filed now so the pkg maintainers can fix stuff.
> A current base is at:
>   http://www.debian.org/~aph/boot-floppies/19991118/bf-common.tar.gz
> The first issue testers should look at is whether perl-base really can
> exist without perl.  I think there are problems here, but no bugs have
> been filed!  Obviously, this is a RC bug situation.
> How does this strike you all?

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