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Re: DAC 960 + /dev/rd/* support

Martin Anderberg <hundra@df.lth.se> writes:

> I have a couple of machines that i want to install Debian on. The problem
> is that the latest boot-floppies (rescue.bin and root.bin) doesn't support
> my Mylex 960 RAID card. I've make a custom kernel and inserted into the
> rescue.bin floppy, so it detects the card and so on. The problem is that
> the /dev/rd/c0d0* devices aren't created - so the installation program
> doesnt recognize the drives (my own theory) Is there any way i can
> create a root.bin disk that will contain these devices or some other way
> i can get it to 'see' the harddrives? I've installed the
> boot-floppies package, but havn't been able to figure out how to make the
> actual floppies using the package. 

This problem has already been reported.

You can create the devices manually on another tty after dbootstrap
has booted.  That's the best workaround we can offer right now.

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