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DAC 960 + /dev/rd/* support


I have a couple of machines that i want to install Debian on. The problem
is that the latest boot-floppies (rescue.bin and root.bin) doesn't support
my Mylex 960 RAID card. I've make a custom kernel and inserted into the
rescue.bin floppy, so it detects the card and so on. The problem is that
the /dev/rd/c0d0* devices aren't created - so the installation program
doesnt recognize the drives (my own theory) Is there any way i can
create a root.bin disk that will contain these devices or some other way
i can get it to 'see' the harddrives? I've installed the
boot-floppies package, but havn't been able to figure out how to make the
actual floppies using the package. 

Kindest Regards

Martin Anderberg


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