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new slink install from dos partition: dbootstrap cannot find base

[Fwd: Re: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 for x86 Installation Problem]

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Subject: Re: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 for x86 Installation Problem
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 15:38:56 -0400
From: Robert J Cristel <rcristel@sprint.ca>
To: Dean <destruss@rconnect.com>
CC: hendy@ratelindo.co.id, ratirh@cs.purdue.edu
Newsgroups: linux.debian.user
References: <3817718E.21727B44@sprint.ca>

Hi Dean,

My reply is somewhat tardy because I had some html in my original post
to debian-user
so it didn't get on.  With this problem, I almost missed your post
altogether. Sorry.

Ok, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss this important
point further with

Dean wrote:

> Hi Robert & Hendy
>  I missed your post Hendy but did have this one from Robert. It was
> about 1 or 2
> months ago

Here it is in the debian mail list archives:

> I installed this way. Are you stuck after your selection of
> 4.harddisk?


> As I recall after selecting harddisk a screen came up with where is the
> files located. In my case I had them in /hda1 .

Installation first asks what partition,
then what path is the debian archive located at,
then in what directory.

(Right there, your eyebrows are raised a little bit, are they not? 
Asking for a path,
then for a directory...  What's going on?)

So there's three questions in all
plus a 'pick from list' or 'manual' question thrown in for good measure.

> Somehow installation
> automatically mounted
> this after I showed them where the files where.          Dean

Wow. I don't get it at all.

Best Regards,

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Subject: Re: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 for x86 Installation Problem
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 18:35:37 -0500
From: Robert J Cristel <rcristel@sprint.ca>
To: Dean <destruss@rconnect.com>
References: <3817718E.21727B44@sprint.ca>
<3817C0D9.AEC88935@rconnect.com> <381B494F.E2C4E913@sprint.ca>

Dean wrote:

> Hi Robert:
>  I'm not an expert, mind you, but I'll try to help.
>  Now when they ask for the partition they mean where is your windows
> located on your
> hard drive. When you partitioned your hard drive with fips, You should
> have split
> your windows harddrive into more than one partition. (Did you need to do
> this or
> are you installing on a hard drive by itself? I'll assume you have one
> harddrive.)

I have 500 Mb of msdos on /dev/hda1 my primary ide, a 3.5 Gb device. 
dos partition contains the 'slink' files I downloaded to install debian
directory c:\slink.  According to the installation manual, these files
install.bat, linux, resc1440.bin, loadlin.exe, root.bin, base1_2.tgz,

With the debian installation, I created a linux partition and a swap
partition on this drive.  The installation designates them as /dev/hda2
/dev/hda3, respectively, and identifies, activates and initializes them
a charm.  The installation also is able to tell me where all my
other--msdos--partitions are. Of course, I picked out /dev/hda1 after
4)harddisk selection to correspond with dos's c: drive.

>  In my install I had win95 on c ( according to windows),and since I
> wanted to install
> lilo I used fips to slice off 50megs off of c for root in linux. Linux
> looks at the
> hard drives a little different than win. Instead of c, Linux calls my
> harddrive /hda.
> ( I have ide hddrv). So when I split c, linux saw my c drive as two
> partition /hda1
> and /hda2. /hda1 was win95 so I did not want to initialize this drive as
> that would
> wipe out win. This is also where my linux files were. So when I got to
> where you
> were at it asked the partition. So I type in /hda1.

right, same here.  /dev/hda1, the first partition on the first ide.

> It asked the path,
> so I typed in
> /hda1/linux. ( So path would be exactly where you placed the files on
> win.) Actually
> I think I just typed in /hda1/linux for the first question and for the
> rest the
> install automatically but the same location as I typed in at first so
> all I had to
> do was hit enter on the next.

this must be the 'path' then the 'directory' question.

>   Hope this helps some. If you have other questions send them & I'll try
> to help.
>     Dean

Ok, this sounds promising to me.  We're trying to boot a new debian
from an existing dos partition which contains the downloads.  You were
to do it, and therefore so should I.

Did you unzip, untar the file base2_1.tgz under DOS before launching the
debian installation?

I note that I'm working from an installation manual which was published
*after* you installed.  What path did you follow?


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