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Re: sg(?)(!!)

Peter Keel writes:
 > sg-latin1 is Swiss-German (Yes, there's Swiss-German and Swiss-French;
 > actually there would be Swiss-Italian and Swiss-Rumantsch too because
 > they're official languages, but they don't have keyboards on their own
 > ;)).

Updated my descriptions - thanks for the clarification !
I still need to implement the obsoletion mechanism for the old entries
to vanish, and I release (may take a couple of days, I'm busy).

Boot team, this is for you:

 > BTW: For the bootdisk-guys: It's a bloody NUISANCE not to have 
 > swiss-german keyboard support on the bootdisk -- the german and the 
 > swiss-german layouts are about as different as the US and the german
 > one (not the letters and numbers, but every other sign like #,@,|,&...
 > see the problem on the shell?).

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