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C++ on boot floppies

Hi there

Is it possible to use C++ for tools that should be on the boot-floppies
too ? I am now writing a network configuration tool that could be
Debian's standard way of configuring the network interfaces in the near
future. For what I know, this tool would have to be included on the
boot-floppies (for fetching the base system via nfs or ftp). Can I use
C++ or is not enough space on the boot floppies for the libstdc++
libraries ? I would really like to have a clean, readable implementation
in C++.
Another option would be to leave the boot-floppies as they are and
convert the network configuration data they used for install to the
/etc/network/interfaces config file format after the initial boot (when
the base system is already installed).

What do you think ?

Please reply directly to me as I am not subscribed to the list.


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