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Bug#47490: base: mke2fs makes unmountable filesystems; mount doesn't honor -o nocheck

Jim Dennis <jimd@starshine.org> writes:

> Package: base
> Version: 19991015
> Severity: important
> 	I was wrong.  Earlier I claimed that mount was
> 	unable to handle a filesystem with a non-default
> 	inode/block ratio ("couldn't mount RDWR").  However,
> 	my reasoning was wrong.
> 	In actuality the new mke2fs is making filesystems that
> 	the latest mount command will not tolerate.  
> 	I've heard that we need to start using the 
> 	mount -o nocheck (or check=none) option to mount the 
> 	newly created filesystems with the "sparse superblock" 
> 	features.  
> 	However, that option is not honored with my copy of 
> 	mount (2.9x).  mke2fs version is 1.15.  
> 	e2fsprogs version 1.15-3

The problem goes away with a 2.2.x kernel, which can mount sparse
superblock ext2 filesystems. Under 2.0.x you can mount the filesystem
read-only and then remount read-write to trick linux into ignoring the 
feature, but mke2fs should just be fixed not to create sparse
superblocks under 2.0.x.

May the Source be with you.

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