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Re: Proposal: dump dselect for console-apt

Matt Porter <mmporter@home.com> writes:

> Why?
> * dselect has a poor user interface.
> * dselect causes strange dependency comflicts that apt does not. (case in
>   point, loads of internal potato powerpc testers have lots of different
>   dependency problems with perl4, dpkg-perl etc.)
> * console-apt is in good enough condition to follow the task-selection GUI for
>   power users.
> * console-apt's bugs can be squashed easily even though the maintainer isn't
>   responding to them.
> * Non developer Debian users *hate* dselect with a passion and avoid Debian
>   because of it.
> I'm sure some will say it's too late, but it would be a real shame to ship
> potato with a package management tool that ruins the entire install
> experience.

console-apt can´t remove packages, so until it can its out of the
question and heard that 1st Nov shall be freez time for potato, so
release time would be march 2000. Enough time to get console apt

May the Surce be with you.

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