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Re: Essential bloat

"Craig H. Block" <pdxsj@pacbell.net> writes:

> >Yes, an option to "download the base via ftp" would be very
> >nice as well.
> >
> I doubt there is room to support ppp on the root floppy, maybe ftp, but
> probably not.  You would have to spread the root file system over several
> floppy disks.  However I would imagine for "CD boot only" it is possible to
> create a large boot image comprising a substantial root file system i.e.
> resc115200.bin  In that case you could throw in everything including the
> kitchen sink.  I don't know how doable that is with the present tools
> though.

There are several options:

1. Stick root.bin onto an extra disk (as its done with alpha for
   example). That gives some extra space.
2. Customize kernels (i.e. make a ide bootdisk, a scsi bootdisk and so 
   on). That should reduce kernel size enough to allow ppp.
3. Stick that stuff onto the drivers disk. Should be space there. If
   not, use bzip2 for compression.

When you boot from CD you will also get the base from that CD, or do
you suppose burning a CD just with a rescue system on it but no base?

An option would be my demo-fs package. At the moment my demofs 20 mb as a
gzip file plus a bootdisk (which isn´t quite ready for eneral
use). The bootdisk looks for the demofs file on any medium and
partition it finds and remounts that as root. Having the demofs on a
CDrom is a perfectly valid option. After booting you have a complely
installed Debian system with everything that dselect has
preselected. All that would be need to get ppp to run is including the 
ppp package as well and running pppconfig.

May the Source be with you.

PS: The demofs Version alpha-0.1 can be found at

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