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RE: New boot floppies for potato! COMPAQ PLEASE !!!!

hello , 

i just took down the new boot floppies 2.2.0 

here are the comments: 

1. the kernel still doesnt have built in support for smart array , i had to
use my own kernel. ( you cant boot off of the array without that ! ) 

2. the root.bin filesystem doesnt have /dev/ida nods and i have to make them
, then manually partition the system etc. etc.

3. the install script doesnt see the partition untill i mount them . 

even after i do the base install of the system i have a lilo problem ( only
redhats lilo is patched for compaq array). But thats another story. 

the nods for the cpq array can be made using a script mkdev.ida in
kernel/src/Documentaion for 2.2.12 

Can these things please please be fixed so i dont have to fiddle with
redhats lilo and my personally screwed up fixes to the boot floppies in
order to install debian on my smart array ? 

Comments ? Ideas ? 

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