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Re: Essential bloat

"Craig H. Block" <pdxsj@pacbell.net> writes:

> I doubt there is room to support ppp on the root floppy, maybe ftp, but
> probably not.  You would have to spread the root file system over several
> floppy disks.  However I would imagine for "CD boot only" it is possible to
> create a large boot image comprising a substantial root file system i.e.
> resc115200.bin  In that case you could throw in everything including the
> kitchen sink.  I don't know how doable that is with the present tools
> though.

We intend to support 2.8MB (double floppy) root filesystems on CDROM,
AFAIK.  It might not make it in the very early revs. of potato
boot-floppies, however.

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