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Re: Essential bloat

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Matt Porter wrote:

> need to be able to load the rescue/drivers over the network as well (this
> includes high-end i386 systems which have BIOS tftpboot capability).

Actually any i386 system can have tftpboot capability, it would be
-really- great if we could make use of it in a meaningfull way.

There is a package on the net called etherboot which provides bootp/dhcp
booters for a wack of ethernet cards, you slap the 8k loader on a floppy
stick it in and it does tftpd magic. After booting (with initrd) it could
http over the drivers image, base images, etc etc

The high end systems generally use the intel spec which is not entirely
tftp/bootp but close.


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