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Re: Announcing the first release of potato boot-floppies

>  I've reorganized the directory where i386 builds (including
>  experimental builds) are stored,
>  http://pandora.debian.org/~marcel/attic/boot-floppies/
Thanks for cleaning up your attic!  That makes things easier.

I have been building my potato boot CD's at work where I have a high speed
internet connection.  At home I am still on a modem (bleah) but hopefully
will be upgrading to DSL soon. Anyway, I notice that I don't get very good
download rates from pandora.debian.org (~6 KB/s) when compared to
http.us.debian.org (~60 Kb/s).  Would it be possible to mirror the attic at
http.us.debian.org from pandora.debian.org?


     - Craig

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