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Re: debconf apt configurator

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Okay, sounds good for the network part.  Regarding CD-ROM, I think it
> should *first* check in some reasonable locations on whether a CD-ROM
> is present.  I've CC'd <debian-cd>, perhaps they can give us some
> clues on platform-independant ways of doing this.  I would suppose
> checking for ISO filesystems and well-known top-level files which
> appear on the CD in well-known devices locations, such as /dev/hdc,
> /dev/cdrom, /dev/scd[01].  I wouldn't think it'd be *too* hard to do
> this.  A fallback would be to ask for the device where the CD-ROM is.

Is a /dev/cdrom link perhaps made by the install process? Or could one be

I see it on my stable system, which I haven't really tweaked at all, I don't
think _I_ made the link..

> This whole "autosense" scenario, if doable, is attractive to me
> because then we could conceive of an automated installation media
> detection for a great number of cases (probably 90% of CD users).

I think it'd be particularly nice if the boot floppies did this by default,
but that'a nother issue..

> Well, its only controversial in that debconf would have to be added to
> base.  What do you think of that?  Are there any non-base depends that
> debconf has?

Debconf depends on perl for Text::Wrap and IPC::Open3. It also depends on
data-dumper, though that dependancy isn't relevant for this use and can be
gotten rid of. I could probably work around not having Text::Wrap, but
having no IPC::Open3 would be problimatic. 

I estimate putting a stripped-down debconf in the base system would take up
about 10k (compressed), plus another 7k for the abovementioned perl modules.

see shy jo

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