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Re: boot floppies 2.2.0 expected within 72 hours

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> Does someone have a clear idea of what this configurator is going to set up?
> I'm unclear on it's scope. 

and following threads.

> Does it just encompass setting up the sources.list lines?

No, because (a) cdrom requires apt-cdrom, not just source.list
manipulation, AFAIK, and (b) mountable options may require apt.conf
manipulation or equivalent.

> I can imagine something like a ui that lets you build entries for the
> sources list. Or at least one entry. The user could choose the aquisition
> method (ftp, http, cdrom, nfs mount), and then answer questions based on
> that (choose from a list of ftp/http mirrors, insert cd roms to be scanned,
> enter nfs mountpoint and path). Then choose which sections they want (main,
> non-free, contrib).


> I don't think it's fair to get rid of the floppy method. Yes, I doubt hardly
> anyone ever uses it, but if you have no other way, you have to use it. The
> rest we can certianly lose.

That sounds quite reasonable.  Could someone try to convince wichert
to NMU dpkg to remove the other acquisition methods?  Or should we
just hack on this (ick) from the boot-floppies side?

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