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boot floppies 2.2.0 expected within 72 hours

Hi -- we expect to have an upload of i386 boot-floppies within 72
hours.   This release is not a "release candidate" per se but rather
an early access Alpha version.

The fundamental structure of boot-floppies hasn't changed too much,
although we have made some changes (such as splitting boot/root).
As far as I can tell, the PowerPC and Sparc ports are in very good
shape in the boot-flopppies code-line, so versions for those
architectures should follow soon.

[Note there's a really nasty problem with perl-base-5.005 / adduser
which may require that the 2.2.0 release of boot floppies actually
include perl-5.005 itself in base.  Ew.  This should be fixed soon we

We would like the potato boot-floppies to *only* ship with the apt
acquisition method.  [Yes yes yes, I know that there may be certain
cases where apt won't work, but IMHO these cases are so marginal I'd
rather not even bother for now.]  We are working on a replacement task
metapackage system that allows users to completely side-step dselect.

However, we lack an apt configurator at this time, which is a major
problem.  Hopefully such a configurator could *automatically* detect
the presence of an Official CD.  Obviously the CD team should be
involved in this.

I don't think the boot-floppies team can handle the production of this
new apt configurator.  So, I guess I'd like to float a request for
someone to build this on debian-devel, pointing out it's critical for
potato release.

The other problem regarding all this is that I would like to inhibit
the other dselect acquisition methods, to prevent user confusion.
Optimally, I think acquisition methods should be folded out from dpkg
itself (that would get rid of a *lot* of dpkg bugs, BTW).  See

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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