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Re: First potato boot-floppies upload

marcel@debian.org (Marcel Harkema) writes:
>   I plan to do a source and i386 upload of boot-floppies this weekend or
>   monday morning (depending on my net connectivity this weekend).

Yes yes yes yes yes!

Please remember the following when releasing:

   * remember to boot the version in debian/changelog up to 2.2.0

   * when you run dpkg-buildpackage, use the -v2.1.9 .  This will help
     me in that bugs closed since the last release will be

   * remember to tag the sources; if you use cvs-buildpackage, that
     will do the tagging on it's own.  Otherwise, tag with
     'cvs tag -F marcel-boot-floppies_2_2_0'

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