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Re: New tasks status

"Martin Bialasinski" <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:

> Some of them are already debs, but all of them are stuck in Incoming.

Boot floppies developers should grab these.  We should assume they'll
be installed prior to release.

> The reason is: I don't do sh.
> Therefore I want to create a new one in perl, using the same lib
> (Michael Dorman has created a deb; I have to make myself comfortable
> with it first). 

Whoever volunteers to actually do it can pick the implementation, I
would say!  :)  (So long as it works with base, of course)

> I would like to see
>    Server usage ->
>    Workstation usage ->
> [ ] some task
> [ ] some other
> where "server usage" would have tasks like the web/news/ etc. servers
> and similar for "workstation usage".

Looks good to me.

> New things:
> tasks can conflict (webserver-apache / webserver-roxen) this has to be 
> handled somehow.

Ew!  That's problem.  Uh... Uh.... Uh.... I guess we could either
maintain this info manually, or in the package with an explicit
Conflicts line, or else maybe there's a way to run apt in "simulation"
mode IIRC, but that would probably be tricky to implement.  I guess I
would lobby for the 'Conflicts' solution since then we can pester task
maintainers to maintain this data, and the UI could scan this

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