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Re: GUI for task selection

In message <87905lvbg7.fsf@haitech.martin.home> you wrote:
>Adam> It would be nice to use, uh, Dialog which is the same thing dbootstrap
>Adam> uses?  This has some support for different UIs, such as framebuffer.
>Marcel told me it is newt that is used. Also in dbootstrap/boxes.c, newt is 
>used. So looks like this is not yet implemented? 

Uh, no, uh, I think newt is what I meant, not dialog.  Sorry.

>Yes, would be cool, but does corel's system support the archs Debian
>will support for potato?

Not yet, but quality of design is what we care about most.
They have the setup-api module in the same CVS area as boot-floppies,
though I don't think that is active yet and it's all just vapor still.

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