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Re: GUI for task selection

"Martin Bialasinski" <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:

> Now it is time for selection the tasks to install. The slink disks use 
> a shellscript and whiptail to do this. What options do we have for
> potato? Will it be textmode or graohic mode (I don't know how the
> installation looks like currently)?I would be most gladful, if we
> could use something that perl can interface with (so I can actually
> help on it). 

It would be nice to use, uh, Dialog which is the same thing dbootstrap
uses?  This has some support for different UIs, such as framebuffer.

> Don't know if it fits in the base disks, or if there are other plans
> for a UI.

Well, I think we'd all like a truly UI-independant system.  Corel had
some materials for this stuff.  Maybe if their stuff doesn't suck, and
they release at least the core API, we can use it.

> [1] Adam, apt-get can't install docbook-stylesheets-doc on a fresh
> system (according to the dryrun apt-get install in my script)
> Package: docbook-stylesheets-doc
> Depends: www-browser | httpd
> When depending on a virtual package, one has to use a specific
> alternative like navigator | www-browser.

Ew... I wonder if this depends is kinda bogus, anyway. I'll take a

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