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Re: GUI for task selection

* "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:

Adam> It would be nice to use, uh, Dialog which is the same thing dbootstrap
Adam> uses?  This has some support for different UIs, such as framebuffer.

Marcel told me it is newt that is used. Also in dbootstrap/boxes.c, newt is 
used. So looks like this is not yet implemented? 

>> Don't know if it fits in the base disks, or if there are other plans
>> for a UI.

Adam> Well, I think we'd all like a truly UI-independant system.
Adam> Corel had some materials for this stuff.  Maybe if their stuff
Adam> doesn't suck, and they release at least the core API, we can use
Adam> it.

Yes, would be cool, but does corel's system support the archs Debian
will support for potato?

I will still go for newt for now, so we have something
running. Changing the UI is still possible.


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