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Re: apt-get configurator for boot-floppies?

> For framebuffer X11 configuration i'ld like to add a little script, but i have
> it not yet. It is very easy (as long as we have no XConfigurator), just ask
> for the mice type and dev, HorizSync and VertRefresh. 

The X mouse configuration can be greatly simplified if you start gpm with the
option -R (redirector) and set the following mouse config in XF86Config:

    Section "Pointer"
	Protocol    "MouseSystems"
	Device      "/dev/gpmdata"

In this way the only things you need to specify are the real mouse port and
protocol for gpm. By default I configure all my systems with SVGA server and
a 1024x768@60Hz monitor. Surely this is not optimal for most machines, but it
works with almost every graphic card and mouse, and you have quickly a running
X system which you can tune later. I never had a problem with this.

The only difficult thing is to set the keyboard type. It seems that there
are many more keyboards models and variants than mice. Usually I replace
the language string with sed in the following lines:

    XkbModel	"pc105"
    XkbLayout	"us"

Massimo Dal Zotto

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