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Re: Boot-Floppies: task packages

Please cc me on any followups.

On Wed 15 Sep 1999, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> Paul> (suck and ncftp should probably also go into tesk-dialup;
> Why suck, if there is leafnode? A small ftp client is a good

OK, I was confusing leafnode with having the functionality of only
e.g. cnews (I use suck with cnews :-)

> idea. Although I would put lftp in there.

Whatever. I love ncftp :-)  The ftp clients should probably
provide: ftp-client (as a virtual package), then ftp-client
would be enough.

> Paul> sox and mgetty are for the additional facilities offered by isdn
> Paul> i.e. vboxgetty (answering machine) and X.75 logins).
> OK for sox, but mgetty? Maybe for a so far non-existent task-dialin
> package, but I don't know why it should be part of task-dialup.

isdnutils suggests mgetty, so dselect will probably pull it in anyway.

Generally:  the profiles that are in slink are way too general. I
prefer to see more smaller tasks that can be selected, which seems
what's happening now. Good work!

Paul Slootman
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