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Re: Boot-Floppies: task packages

* "Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:

Joey> I would be interested in maintaining the games task package.

It is yours, thanks.

Joey> I'm not sure if that'd save you any time if you plan to build
Joey> the packages automatically from the .ctl files you have in cvs
Joey> though..

The way is to build that package (use equivs if you like) and upload
it into potato. We will use the task-* packages from there. The
task-sgml and task-gnome packages only exist in unstable. We need the
Packages files anyway for checks, so we can get the packageinfo from

The controlfiles sit in cvs only for the time being - to be accessible 
and until someone takes the task package.

Also the main thing is about someone keeping the Depends: line up to
date, not about building the package.

* "Ben" == Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> wrote:

Ben> 'nethack' is a pretty standard UNIX game; it's expected on a lot of
Ben> systems, so I would suggest it be included in task-games.

Ben> Also, bsd-games is a standard set of classic unix games that should
Ben> be included as well.

[.. task japanese -> seperate mail ..]

* "Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:

Joey> Ben Gertzfield wrote:

Joey> I agree with both. I'd say we should include one tetris type program from
Joey> the several we have available. xtris is probably best. Other useful games to
Joey> include are:

Joey> galaga - a classic
Joey> maelstrom - a near commerical quality game
Joey> xscavenger - a classic (lode runner)
Joey> koules - one of the few completly original games linux has produced
Joey> xboard - chess is nice to have
Joey> gnomine - a minesweeper clone for windows refugees
Joey> gnome-card-games or patience - a solitare game for windows refugees
Joey> xlincity - along the lines of the very popular sim city

Joey> I've tried to pick the best games from each category, but I'm
Joey> sure this is subjective.

And there is no problem with this. You can't please everyone. This
would just bloat the task. You have done a very reasonable choice.

Joey> Raul Miller wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 14, 1999 at 09:04:28PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
>> > gnomine - a minesweeper clone for windows refugees
>> > gnome-card-games or patience - a solitare game for windows refugees
>> Or maybe ace-of-penguins.

Joey> It only provides 9 solitare variations, the other have a lot more than that.

Joey> However, I don't play solitare, so I don't know which has better game play.

I only know gnome-card-games (and only the klondyke variant). One
aspect for your decision may be the amount of additional libs a
package will pull.


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