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Can I commit to the boot-floppies?

I (and other Japanese developers) would like to commit some files,
most of which are message catalogs translated by Japanese developers,
into the cvs version of the boot-floppies. It seems any official
developers can commit to it, but I wonder what is the prefered
procedure to do it.

IMHO, just commiting the message catalogs or doing a minor bug fix
don't affect other components so much, so we can commit them without
notice (and we'll get a email with the changelog from
debian-boot). But major changes (integrating a code to make use of
kon2, which is needed to display Japanese on console, or a code to
inplement easier installation process and so on) should be disscussed
in debian-boot before committing. Is this OK?

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org>

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