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Re: back from holidays :-)) (was Re: offline for a month)

In message <[🔎] 199908272238.AAA01619@jazz.pontchartrain.fr> you wrote:
>Hello, I'm back to home :-))
>Sorry for the very late reply.  I just discovered your email among a lot of
>others (>1000).

Ca va!

>> Is it safe to build it on a potato system?  I would guess not....
>My development system is still full slink (2.1r2).

Ach, yeah, I don't have a slink install laying around.

>Ok, did you ever published new bootdisks since your post ?

"published" ?   I don't think so...

I think we're ready to build a new set for testing at least.
I don't know if we want to update the kernel to 2.2.11 or not
-- I would assume so but I don't that that kernels in the archive yet.

I'll ask about that  on the debian-release list.  You might wanna 
be on that list, to get the skinny our release planning.

>I'm in the middle of updating my debian mirror.  Mine is really out of date
>(I need to download about 1GB of binary packages & sources !).
>I will then try to build bootdisks & kernel next week if you want.

Yeah, mine too.  I'm stuck with my 26400 connection and it's very

>btw, is there a list of packages that will be updated in 2.1.r3 ?

Yes, kinda, it's all from proposed-updates.  We might need to port 
some stuff from there if it's not already ported.

A good list to start with is at

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