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2.2.11 disk success w/ thinkpad 240


successful installation of debian on a thinkpad 240 using the
tecra-safe rescue disk (2.2.11) [probably the normal tecra disk will
work too]


-the 240 appears to use a ti pci 1211 chip:


for pcmcia and this doesn't appear to work w/ pcmcia-cs 3.0.5.

-it seems that since(?) the 2.2.11 disk images at:


use pcmcia-cs 3.0.14, the chip is recognized.  (rumor(?) has it that
3.0.9 should work too)

i noticed that the vanilla and vanilla safe rescue disks don't contain
the root.bin and linux files, and that those files are available
separately in the directory mentioned above.  is this intentional?  i
didn't know how to make use of them -- can someone give me a hint or
point me at some relevant docs?

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