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floppies don't reboot with kernel 2.2

After building the floppies with kernel 2.2, I found they arn't able to
reboot. ctrl-alt-del yields the usual messages about killing processes, and
then it hangs. With printf's, I tracked it down to the call to bdflush() in
init.c's shutdown_system() function. It seems it gets to that call and hangs.

I have vague recollections of a change being made in the 2.1.x kernel series
that allowed kernel daemons like kflushd to be killed, when before they
weren't. My hypothesis is that the lines before the bdflush kill such a
daemon that is responsible for flushing disk buffers, and then the bdflush
hangs wating for the nonexistant daemon.

Commenting out the bdflush call does make it reboot properly, but I'm not
too happy with that idea. Any better ideas?

see shy jo

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