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[jens@pinguin.conetix.de: Re: [RFD] install criticisms]

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!Teknix:*! has anyone re-tested that with 2.2.x ?
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On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 02:19:28AM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

> /*
>  * Please direct replies to -boot, please keep me Cc'd as I am not
>  * subscribed to that list, thankyou.
>     http://linuxtoday.com/stories/8794.html
Read this too. I agree with most of his points. Although I'd almost say he
went too easy on Debian. ;> ...Anyway:

>      * First things first, get the net connection going. That's easy, of
>        course, just run ppp-config. I run ppp-config, save the
>        configuration file, run pon. (I have, of course, given my user
>        account the correct permissions to do so; in Debian this means
>        adding myself to the `dip' group. ILA[*].) The modem clicks, but
>        doesn't dial out. Error messages in the logs are unhelpful.

Would the setup developers (I'm mailing you this privately because I don't
really know who is responsible for that part, and I'd like you to act as
"filter" in case this has been discussed to death already) please seriously
consider the 'adduser' (or whatever) scripts too provide verbose
information about the available groups, and perhaps add newly created users
to these groups?

Something like "Should this user be granted additional rights, like
(o)pening a Internet connection, (m)ounting a CDROM, (s)hutting down the
system, (r)unning cd burning software, ... (enter any combination of
[omsr...]) ? "
> In any event my peeve is that the default PPP setup tools all suck.  =>
> Could we possibly consider wvdial as the default?  Great little tool, very

That tool is very nice, yes. I'd vote for it.

> We are planning to get rid of the installation question nightmare soon.
> Almost everything could have a reasonable set of defaults and packages
> will be updated to use them when installed once the configuration tools
> are ready---joeyh is one of the people working on this.  Noteworthy is
> that Corel and Storm both have Debian-based distributions in the works
> which will not ask all these stupid questions.  =>
Does Corel contribute their changes to Debian/OSS? Like this advanced
FTP/SMB-supporting filemanager/network browser thingy?

> All right people, you've read the complaints and my opinions of them.
> What say you, the rest of the developers?  Is at least some of this
> fixable in the slink update should that happen?  How about potato?  What
> has to wait till after potato?
Kernel 2.4 ? ;-)

Probably not - Linus wants to release it in October something...

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