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Bug#41814: continuing problems with Adaptec SCSI during slink install

I once had a trouble with an Adaptec EISA card.
FreeBSD was no problem but the resc. disc did not work.

The solution I used was to hand roll a new resc disc and setting the
delay after SCSI reset to 15 sec.

In today's resc disc's it is already set to 15 sec, so this would not be a
solution for John.
But what he could do is to try a similar dist./OS and when he has
something that works, we can start looking at the differences and finding
a solution.

So, I suggest he try other boot/resc./etc. discs from e.g. FreeBSD,
Slackware, etc. Old or new does not really matter.

He could also check the Adaptec BIOS settings (press C-A at boot).
Remove equipment from the SCSI bus, make sure it is correctly terminated
(if you can talk with the devices from the BIOS it should be correct).


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On 18 Aug 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> "John Cuson" <Jcuson@labs.isdh.state.in.us> writes:
> > i tried both rescue disks (non-eata-dma and only-aic7xxx) and in
> > each case the machine locked after resetting the two scsi channels.
> > here are some of the values from the error page...i didn't copy out
> > the stack or call trace, but if you need them let me know.  a
> > cursory perusal of the page suggests that the values were the same
> > after each lockup, but there may have been some differences that i
> > didn't spot.
> Yikes, so this looks like a completely different Adaptec problem ...
> Is this for the i386 architecture?   I assume so.
> Could someone from the testing group that knows about Adaptec check
> out the log on Bug# 41814 and see what they think?
> I wonder whether you could also try the *extremely* experimental
> 2.2.11 disks at <http://www.debian.org/~joeyh/boot-floppies/>?
> John, the only immediate advice I can give you is to try to replace
> the kernel on the rescue disk with a hand-rolled one for your
> system....
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