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Bug#41456: problem with SCSI chipset during boot (have read install guide)

>Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> Certainly not!  You probably just need to change /etc/lilo.conf .  In
>> there, you might have a line:
>>   boot=/dev/hda2
>> Try changing that to
>>   boot=/dev/hda
>> Then re-run 'lilo' as root, reboot, and see if it works.
>The only hard drive I had connected at the time of install was a scsi one, 

Well, then you'd use /dev/sda rather than /dev/sda2 or whatever.

>and I selected to install lilo on its master boot record. That
>shouldn't be the problem but I will check.

I've seen several cases where the boot sector needed to be installed
on the disk rather than the partition.  Often in cases where there is
a dual boot installation...

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