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Bug#41456: problem with SCSI chipset during boot (have read install guide)

[Please retain the CC to 41456@bugs.debian.org]

>Okay, the non-eata boot disk works. I can boot and install the base system. Then
>I install LILO on the MBR and tell it to use /dev/sda1 for the root partition.
>The base install uses the factory boot kernel and thus won't boot due to my
>SCSI card, it just hangs as usual. I can boot off the non-eata floppy and give
>it "root=/dev/sda1" and everything comes up. So I need to transfer the boot 
>image from the floppy to the hard drive. Would the be the root.bin image or
>the kernel file or what?

That would be the kernel file.  Move linux from the boot-floppy which
worked to /boot/vmlinuz and rerun lilo.

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