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Bug#42356: problems installing from DOS

"Steve Doerr" <sdoerr@overlandconsulting.com> writes:

> Thank you for responding.  Yes, I believe it was a clean DOS boot
> (command line safe mode) which isn't supposed to load any drivers in
> Win 95.  It may not be clean though.  A couple of Debian users told
> me that you can't boot from the DOS filesystem - the root must be a
> Linux partition.  Then you mount a DOS filesystem to run the
> installation files.  I was told to remove the "root=" line from the
> install.bat.  I think maybe a Linux partition is needed first and
> the install.bat should call that partition instead of "root=/dev/ram
> initrd=root.bin".  The rescue floppy worked fine, though, and since
> it's only one diskette, maybe that ought to be how you recommend
> booting from a DOS system. 

Yikes -- if what you say is true, then doing first boot from DOS is
totally broken.  CAn someone else confirm or deny this?

Please retain the CC to <42356@bugs.debian.org>.

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