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Processed: merginging aic7xxx bugs, and other boot-floppies mgmt

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> merge 43039 42196 41942 41814 41761 41699 41456
Bug#41456: problem with SCSI chipset during boot (have read install guide)
Bug#41699: Problemes with AIC7880 Controlers
Bug#41761: Adaptec SCSI Problems
Bug#41814: adaptec scsi card
Bug#41942: continuing problems with Adaptec SCSI during slink install
Bug#42196: Adaptec 2742T bug??
Bug#43039: adaptec 2940 
Bug#41762: Adaptec SCSI Problems
Merged 41456 41699 41761 41762 41814 41942 42196 43039.

> merge 41317 41440
Bug#41317: (no subject)
Bug#41440: Critical install bug in slink
Bug#41318: Critical install bug in slink
Merged 41317 41318 41440.

> merge 36136 40994
Bug#36136: [to be fixed in 2.1.10] Need more devs in /dev for install
Bug#40994: installation only uses /dev/hd[abcd]
Bug#34934: [to be fixed in 2.1.10] /dev/hde device not created
Merged 34934 36136 40994.

> retitle 42356 problems installing from DOS: "Unable to open initial console."
Bug#42356: BUG REPORT
Changed bug title.

> retitle 42215 must disable processor cache or lilo hangs
Changed bug title.
(By the way, that bug is currently marked as done.)

> thanks
Stopping processing here.

Please contact me if you need assistance.

Ian Jackson
(administrator, Debian bugs database)

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