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Re: [RFD] install criticisms

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 02:19:28AM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

>      * I realize I should probably set up email, so I quickly setup
>        fetchmail and have it run. Problem: fetchmail fetches and hands it
>        off the the local mail system, but it doesn't deliver. I recall
>        seeing some discussion of this problem on the Debian-user list, so
>        I fire up lynx and check the archives for "exim fetchmail" and
>        discover I need to have localhost inserted in the appropriate part
>        of exim.conf. Once inserted, mail starts being delivered.
> Can we please put an updated exim into stable that fixes this for r3 or
> the "updated" slink release joeyh was talking about?  This is really
> almost always wanted anyway and is certainly a sensible default.

Already done (not sure if it's stuck in proposed-updates or something: I
don't know how that works).

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