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Re: [RFD] install criticisms

Joseph Carter writes:
> In any event my peeve is that the default PPP setup tools all suck.

Could you be a bit more specific in your criticism of pppconfig?  "It
sucks" is not particularly helpful.

> Great little tool, very nifty, works in more than 90% of cases...

As far as I can tell pppconfig works in at least 90% of cases, and 2.0
should do better.

> ...without having to fight with chat...

Someone using pppconfig to set up a simple dial in connection has no need
to fight with chat.  If you do need to do something exotic, you can still
get part of the work done with pppconfig since it creates normal, editable
provider files in the standard places and does not mess with
/etc/ppp/options or create any special files of its own.

> ...or slattach...

Slattach???  Why would a new user setting up ppp use that?

> ...it finds and figures out info about your modem too.

pppconfig now also locates the modem.  It does not, however, attempt to be
a "wizard".

> These things impress people coming from windoze and they really do make
> PPP a whole lot easier to set up.

pppconfig allows almost every user to set up ppp without ever editing a
file.  When it fails, it still leaves you with a normal ppp setup with
files that you can edit by referring to the standard ppp docs.

If you feel that a GUI is necessary and whiptail isn't good enough, fix

> And wvdial is far more reliable than even my wonderful and paranoid
> chatscript.

How does it handle DNS?
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