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Re: Christophe Le Bars: Re: automatic installation again

> Why do people send stuff just to me?  Anyhow, did folks see this
> already?
> > Oh!  I know enrique was very interested in having this in the
> > mainstream boot-floppies.  Could you make some patches against the
> > latest codeline of the boot-floppies package in CVS, and send them to
> > this list for review?
> I've also made an automatic installation method for Debian.
> It's a small patch against the mainstream boot-floppies.
> There is a web page here :
> http://www.lril.org/~clb/yasdi/index.en.html

It removes to much important parts of the sources for non-i386. What i like
is the cd-image-setup and image generation. But with this state it isn't



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