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Bug#42580: unable to mount an ATAPI zip drive for installation

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.1

CD source: LinuxMall 2-CD's

I was unable to mount my ATAPI zip drive during installation.
I booted from the CD and proceeded through the menus to the
point of selecting:

alternate: mount an existing linux partition

I have an ext2 formatted zip disk in the drive, and the menu
displays The zip partition: ( /dev/hdb4 ) as one of the choices,
however, when I select it, I get the following message:

Mount Failed: Invalid argument

I am able to switch to another tty and mount the CD successfully.

I found a similar bug (24054) in the database, however this problem
seems to somewhat different, in that for 24054, the zip partition
did not show up in the menu at all.

My Hardware:

Intel AL440LX motherboard, PII-300

The zip drive works fine with my current Slackware installation.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Tom Arns

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