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Bug#39617: Get error 1FA: upon bootup.

Brian Silverwood <bqs@cypress.com> writes:

> After installation and reboot of debian 2.1 from floppy disk i get the
> error message 1FA: (this is simular to bug report #36412). When i boot
> off of floppy the system works fine, however this is unexeptible. I
> looked at this bug report (#36412) and couldn't find an answer to my
> question or a reply to the bug (which was sent to you in April this
> year).
> My system (Compaq Presario 4700) consists of a primary (two 1.6G HD's
> set up as master/slave) and secondary (Floppy/CD) IDE controllers built
> on the Motherboard.
> How can i get my system to boot off the hda1?

Did you ensure that your hda1 was set bootable with fdisk or cfdisk?
The 1FA: prompt is the debian mbr program - not an error but a feature.


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