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Re: "kfree of non-kmalloced memory:..."

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >> The "Installation Instructions for Atari (v1.5)" states to use the following
> >> bootargs:
> >>
> >>     -k linux root=/dev/yyyy video=keep
> >>
> >> You may want to add -s to the recommended flags. Or at least mention it in
> >> the text.
> >I thought the -s was already in the bootargs so most people would just
> >leave it in.
> Is there anything in the boot-floppies package that needs updating?

No; that particular user apparently rewrote the booter arguments file from
scratch following my install guide, and dropped the -s (the base system
install went fine; so the booter args file supplied with the install
system is OK).

> >There won't be any further boot-floppies updates as far as I can tell, so
> >I can't change the text there. Can you add that -s (before the -k) in the
> >version on www.linux-m68k.org, Chris?
> Do I need to change the documentation?  It's ok to modify the slink
> documentation since w/ CVS I can just merge that up to potato.

The 'official' m68k install documentation specifically mentions the
problem in section 2.3:

On the Atari, both ST-RAM and Fast RAM (TT-RAM) are used by Linux. Many
users have reported problems running the kernel itself in Fast RAM, so the
Atari bootstrap will place the kernel in ST-RAM. The minumum requirement
for ST-RAM is 2 MB. 

Maybe we should change this to read "the Atari bootstrap will place the
kernel in ST-RAM with the -s bootstrap flag" to make it more obvious that
this flag should be 
retained ... The FAQ doesn't detail this so we can't simply refer to a FAQ

Section 7.15 still explains how to have dbootstrap modify the boot record,
BTW. That's not supported on m68k, and we could insert some instructions
on changing the booter configuration on each machine there instead. 


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