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Re: pcmcia on the boot disks

On 28-Jun-99 Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>>Ok, call me stupid.  How do I get a pcmcia card detected?  I can find
>>no sign of the cardmgr daemon, just the modules.
>>My hope is that I can simply boot up with my pcmcia cd-rom attached
>>and it will just work.
> Ah!  You're trying to *boot* with the PCMCIA stuff!  I see...

Sony VAIO w/ Sony cd.  I can boot and install Windows from the cd-rom.  I can
boot from the cd and get to the point where it tries to do stuff.  Then the
pcmcia stuff quits working and I can not see cardmgr or anything else to kick
start it with.

However I do need to replace the pcmcia w/ 3.0.12, 3.0.9 gives odd i/o errors
w/ the device.  We really must do an updated slink soon (-:

Assuming I have the correct pcmcia, what is the correct procedure?

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