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Re: pcmcia on the boot disks

>Ok, call me stupid.  How do I get a pcmcia card detected?  I can find
>no sign of the cardmgr daemon, just the modules.

>My hope is that I can simply boot up with my pcmcia cd-rom attached
>and it will just work.

Ah!  You're trying to *boot* with the PCMCIA stuff!  I see...

I would *think* this would work, assuming that your BIOS/PCMCIA
interaction is such that it allows you to boot from PCMCIA devices at
all.  That is to say, bootability of the system from PCMCIA is a BIOS
function, not a boot-floppies function.  

Of course, I've never tried it.  I've only dealt with installation via
PCMCIA of the base system and the rest of the packages, about which see

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