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Re: pcmcia on the boot disks

In message <[🔎] XFMail.990627190033.shaleh@varesearch.com> you wrote:
>On 28-Jun-99 Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> Ah!  You're trying to *boot* with the PCMCIA stuff!  I see...

>Sony VAIO w/ Sony cd.  I can boot and install Windows from the cd-rom.  I can
>boot from the cd and get to the point where it tries to do stuff.  Then the
>pcmcia stuff quits working and I can not see cardmgr or anything else to kick
>start it with.

>However I do need to replace the pcmcia w/ 3.0.12, 3.0.9 gives odd i/o errors
>w/ the device.  We really must do an updated slink soon (-:

I haven't really seen any indication that we're going to try to update
the pcmcia package in slink.  There isn't even an upload to stable of
that yet.  I'm not sure it would be a good idea.  Maybe better to start
working out a working set of potato floppies (even if it has to be
a separate boot and root system).

Do you need an updated PCMCIA because you have CardBus32 or some other
feature which is only in the newer PCMCIA upstream source?

>Assuming I have the correct pcmcia, what is the correct procedure?

I don't understand how the PCMCIA version could affect booting, period.
As I said before, booting is a function of the hardware BIOS on your
machine.   The *kernel* isn't even loaded at that point, so none
of the software for booting (the kernel, syslinux) is even coming
into play yet.

What exactly happens when you try to boot with the CD in place?

Have you considered burning a rescue disk?  I would assume your
hardware BIOS would provide the PCMCIA cdrom just like an ATAPI

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