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Bug#39012: boot-floppies: is it possible to use the script w/o tex?

>> Removing the dependancy on TeX is going to generate more bug reports
>> than keeping it.  If you're going to go in and change the 'make
>> release' system, then we assume you're clever enough to override or
>> fool the dependancies (or grab sources from CVS instead of installing
>> the source package).

>Actually I was changing "make release". I want to keep that script for
>reference on my system,

It's not a script, its a Makefile.

> perhaps to generate a rescue disk, but surely I dont want a complete
> text distribution. So isnt it possible to add a -f >/usr/bin/tex
> everywhere tex is called?

What your saying is you don't really want to build a complete
boot-floppies set.

>We should remove some of the dependecies to get a small and lean system,
>without fooling the package manager.

No, the dependancies express the packages needed to build the
boot-floppies set.  Period.  I.e., they are source dependancies.

If you discover a package listed as depends which is *not* needed to
build the system, then thats a bug.  If not, you have specialty

>Oh well.. i deleted the package as long as it does force me to install tex.
>Others might do the same ... it wont get as much review in that case.

It gets plenty of review... 

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